Our Services


1. Security Systems

At Synod, we help you protect what matters most. No business or home is fully secured till there are trusted security systems that are guaranteed to work. We provide Security systems suitable for all lifestyles and budgets. We provide quick and easy to use solutions enabling you to stay in control of your home, protect your loved ones and possessions 24/7. All systems are installed by our qualified experts. We offer full customer support 24/7. No matter your preference, the perfect security option is right here at Synod for you. We satisfy your every need with these services we provide:

  • CCTV
  • Access control (biometric, swipe card etc.)
  • Fire alarm systems and smoke detectors


2. Data and Voice Communication

In every organization, proper setup of systems such as networking infrastructure, voice communications, data and wireless networks is crucial to your business success. Managing and operating a complex multi technology global network is hard work, keeping it reliable, available and affordable with high quality of service is even harder. Synod Solutions is dedicated to providing world class communications systems to businesses. We deliver end to end support and monitoring for voice and data communication. We create customized solutions with service level agreements to suit your needs. By constantly monitoring your network for faults, performing configuration backups and providing a proactive service manager with your interests at heart, we deliver the most reliable communications infrastructure possible. We can supply and install structured cabling systems to support voice and data communication to your customers. In today’s digital age, internet services are vital for virtually all businesses and their customers. That’s why Synod offer a range of essential business critical services to our clients, ranging from Wi-Fi extenders, hotspot configurations etc. to keep them connected. Crucially this ensures continuity for your incoming email, reducing the risk of lost sales and customer or colleague inquiries. We provide:

  • Cable Networking (LAN, WAN, etc.)
  • Intercom (Cable line intercom and IP intercom system-wireless intercom)
  • Wi-Fi extenders, Hotspot Configurations.
We have a wealth of experience in many diverse environments including copper twisted pair, local area networks, wide area networks etc. Installing a state of the art cabling system requires a high degree of skill and at Synod, we can guarantee all our technicians are qualified to the required level. We can also provide you with expertise and advice to ensure communication and data systems are of the highest quality and standard, ensuring your chosen solution can support your business now and in the future. We want to make sure your network infrastructure is the least of your concerns. We are able to help alleviate the tasks on your internal staff and successfully deploy and manage your network infrastructure.


3. Software Deployment

  • Financial Software Development
    With finance and accounting being considered as keen in every organization, it is now more important than ever to ensure that companies work with software and applications that facilitate success without bogging business down in unnecessarily complex workflows. Discover new ways to work with your clients and create better customer experiences by embracing best-in-class advances in financial technology.
    Keep up with mutable regulations and client demands by developing financial software that facilitates operations and enables your business to move at greater speed. Synod Solutions has a cocktail of financial software that aid you with creating financial and banking software solutions. We deliver on-premises deployment in the following software:
    • Tally ERP
    • QuickBooks
  • Retail (Point of Sale) Software Solution
    Synod retail software solutions have been deployed within a diverse range of retail disciplines across Ghana. Our fully integrated and comprehensive multi-channel selling solutions is instrumental to the success for every retail platform. In addition to, our extensive knowledge of the industry, technological proficiency and most importantly listening to feedback from our clients, we utilize the latest in innovation, to supply the tools required to increase sales, reduce overheads and improve management efficiency while delivering superior customer engagement and retention. Our retail (PoS) software can be deployed in retail shops in these avenues:
    • Specialty Retail shops such as Stationary, Fashion and Bookshops
    • General Retailing such as Fuel Retail shop
    • Work, Home and Lifestyle such as Entertainment, Home Living and Sports shop
    • Food and Beverage such as Liquor, fast-food and takeaway retail stores
  • Restaurant & Hotel Management Software Solution
    For best hospitality services in Restaurants and Hotels, Synod Solution partners with Property Management Software (PMS) companies such as eZee Technosys Pvt. Ltd. We deploy an All-in-one online hotel management software. These PMS are easy-to-use software for small, mid to large size properties to manage their hotel operations. These PMS has modules in:
    • Front Office
    • Reservation
    • Housekeeping
    • Guest Portal
    • Booking Engine
    • PMS Mobile App
    • Online Distribution
  • Education and Human Resource Software Solution
    Improve the way people learn, teach, and grow with specialized software. From internal solutions that help with scheduling, information sharing, and employee training to mobile and e-learning applications that create exciting new ways for people to learn—software can help your business and personnel develop and grow faster than ever. Synod partners with Microsoft Imagine Academy and other third party software companies to provide the best of learning software and apps for basic, secondary, universities and professional institutions. Our team will collaborate with you to plan, design and evaluate your professional development efforts — whether it’s company re-education and training programs, new e-learning tools, or improved workflow at academic institutions. Firms with aim of introducing technology in hiring and managing employees, Synod comes with the best of HR and Payroll software which is an innovative and easy-to-use. These software improves organizational structure and ensure compliance with latest standards.